Oceana Camp is located in the region of Agadir in southern Morocco. Taghazout is a charming village on the Moroccan Atlantic coast. Conveniently located 60 min from Agadir international airport, It is only a 3 to 4-hour flight from most central European cities. It’s the closest place for any European surfer to get year round warm water, perfect waves and a unique cultural experience.

Morocco is served by direct flights from the major European airports, with flight times to Agadir between 2-4 hours. Guests traveling from the US can connect either in Casablanca or at a European airport as there are no direct flights to Agadir. From Agadir airport, it is a 60-minute drive south-east along the coast road. Road transfers from Marrakech can be easily arranged and the new motorway has dramatically cut the journey times down to 3 hours. Please contact us if you would like us to arrange a transfer for you. To find good and affordable flights check SkyscannerGoogle FlightsRyanairCondor – etc..

EU passport holders with a passport that is valid for at least 6 months beyond your return date do not require a visa to enter Morocco for tourist purposes. If you hold a passport from outside the European Union, USA, Canada, and Russia we strongly recommend that you check with your nearest Moroccan Embassy.
The Moroccan currency is the Dirham. For exact exchange rates please check this link. Dirhams can only be obtained within Morocco. There are exchange facilities and ATMs at the airport. There are also plenty of ATMs in Agadir, Aourir, and Tamri a five-minute drive from Tamri. Most of ATM´s in Morocco accept Maestro, VISA and Master Card.
Agadir is a 60-minute drive from Tamri. There you can find everything you would find in any European city. There are ATM´s supermarkets, car hire services, pharmacies, a hospital, restaurants, cafés, bars, nightclubs and much more.
Nearly all European networks work in Morocco. Contact your network for call charges. Coverage is good. There is free Wi-Fi available in the house.
Morocco is an all year round destination for great surf and great weather. The summer months (April – October) see small to medium swells with surf mostly on the beaches and reefs on the more exposed north-west coast. This is a great time for anyone looking for fun, uncrowded warm water surf. There are some bigger days during this time for those looking for something more challenging. During the winter months the waves, that have made Morocco famous, come to life. There is a huge variety of surf in this area of Morocco. There are not many places like it in the world. The region has something for everyone, from ideal beginner waves to challenging reef ledges. Intermediates and those new to the sport should not be put off or worried. Due to the nature of the coastline, there is almost always somewhere sheltered and manageable, and those looking for something challenging won’t be disappointed. Morocco is blessed with well over 300 days of sunshine a year. Between the months November to February, there is a small chance of rain, although statistically, it is unlikely. Your choice of wetsuit comes down to personal choice and tolerance. The best all-rounder is a 3/2mm full suit. Typical wave size and temperatures:
  • SEP – NOV Swell: 4 – 8 ft – Air Temp: 25°C – 30°C – Sea temp: 18°C- 21°C
  • DEC – FEB Swell: 4 – 15ft – Air Temp: 18°C – 26°C – Sea temp: 16°C – 18°C
  • MAR – MAY Swell: 4 – 6 ft – Air Temp: 20°C – 30°C – Sea temp: 18°C – 20°C
  • JUN – AUG Swell: 2- 4 ft – Air Temp: 25°C – 30°C – Sea temp: 21°C +
We offer a wide range of surfboards as well as wetsuits. We have different kinds of boards, shortboard, fish, funboard, and longboard. The sizes are available are from 5’10 to 9’0.
For material renting, we ask you to be careful as it is under your responsibility. For any accidents, damages or breakages we can ask you to pay the repair fee. Also We offer insurance for just 25 euro a week that covers any damage or loss to our equipment (surf boards & leashes) while surfing.
Morocco is a liberal Muslim country, and men and women are welcome to wear shorts and t-shirts. Swimming costumes and bikinis are normal on the beach but it is advisable to cover up your arms and legs a bit when walking around town. Shorts, tees and flip flops are normal. Trousers and jumpers are sometimes needed particularly in mid winter when the evenings can be a bit chilly so warm clothes are a good idea during that period.
We have bath towels for you but there are no beach towels are available.
Although Islam forbids the consumption of alcohol by Muslims, alcoholic drinks can be legally served and sold throughout the country. Morocco even produces its own range of wines and beers. Alcohol is not sold in Tamri but can be bought in Agadir, we can arrange taxis for all guests who wish to buy alcohol from Agadir.
We understand that some people have special requirements. Let us know in advance and we’ll do our best to make sure we have exactly what you need.

Taghazout and the surrounding area offer a whole range of other activities. If you need a break from fee from surfing or for those of you who don’t surf then a horse or camel riding and quad biking are all close by and easily organized. For those who like to relax there are miles of empty golden sandy beaches to discover or you can sunbathe and chill out in the privacy of the Camp. There is a great Souk (market) in Agadir which has all the stuff you would expect in Morocco: an abundance of leather goods, woodwork, ceramics, rugs, carpets, jewelry and clothing. Non threatening haggling is part of the fun. Two day trips to the ancient city of Marrakesh can be organized and as well we offer Personal Shopping Trips to Marrakesh. The beautiful seaside town of Essaouira is only two and half hours north and is a popular one or two day trip.

Morocco is on 220 volts with two-pin round plugs.
You can arrive at any time. It is not always possible to have your room ready before 2 pm. If you arrive earlier we will take care of your luggage and you can start enjoying your holidays. Check out is officially 12 pm, but if you would like a later check out, let us know and we’ll do our best.

No vaccinations are required for visitors to Morocco and anti-malarial precautions are not necessary. We have first aid equipment along with staff trained in administering first aid. In case of an emergency, there are hospitals and clinics in Agadir. Medical charges will apply according to the treatment received so make sure you have travel insurance before you arrive. There is a well-stocked pharmacy in Taghazout which is open every day.

Absolutely! Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, group trip or if you would like to run your own weeks here with us. We provide all the accommodation, surfing, logistical, catering and concierge services allowing them to hang out and enjoy the sun, surf, and culture with their guests.